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Hello. My name is Rhonda Brown, and I am the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) specialist.

ASD is a behavioral/developmental disorder characterized clinically by delays and qualitative differences in communication and social interactions well as repetitive behaviors and restricted interests. Currently, it is a subjective psychiatric diagnosis based on behaviors exhibited in the child rather than an objective medical diagnosis based on core clinical imbalances resulting in abnormal behaviors. This subtle but powerful difference in diagnosing patients with autism has resulted in profound effects on the results of medical trials. Many trials have been plagued with inconsistent results because patients are being selected based on the behaviors they exhibit rather than known clinical imbalances they possess which cause or contribute to the behaviors.

There is no single cause of autism. Instead, the causes are as varied and diverse as the individuals who are affected. This is the primary reason why the pharmaceutical industry has failed to produce any effective treatments beyond simple symptom control (such as antipsychotics for agitation or stimulants for inattention).
Your child’s conventional medical doctor has probably done very little for your child because they have been trained that there is no cure for autism and your child’s symptoms and behaviors are a result of their autism. 


Our approach asks two key questions:

1. Is the patient’s body and brain getting what they need to function optimally (i.e. vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, healthy clean food, etc.)? Ensure the good stuff gets in.


2. Is something present in the patient’s body and brain that is interfering with their ability to function optimally (i.e. toxins, low grade infection, disrupted microbiome, free radicals, cytokines, histamine etc.)? Ensure the bad stuff gets out.

In the context of these two questions, causes and contributing factors leading to clinical imbalances are identified and corrected.


We do not accept the conventional thinking that autism is an entity onto itself causing disease in the individual. Instead, autism is viewed only as a label for a group of individuals who share similar abnormalities in development and behaviors. By providing the body and brain with what they need and eliminating that which may be interfering, the potential exists to significantly improve brain function and improve the quality of life for these individuals.


This approach to medical practice allows us to offer gentle and supportive therapies to restore balance and allow the body’s natural healing ability to become our partner in achieving optimal health and wellness.